About us

A few years ago, one of our founders was on holiday at the french riviera.

"I really wanted to visit Cannes, so when I arrived I couldn't wait to see what made it so special. I decided to book a tour on a mini train and was given a headset to listen to during the tour. It really wasn't what I hoped it would be. It felt very impersonal, I didn't get the feeling I truly saw Cannes and I definitely thought it was way too expensive compared with what I got."

Hearing many similar experiences made us realize it is a problem many faces during vacation. With Mr. Guide, all this will be history. 

Our Mission 

Bringing people together to truly experience the vicinity.

Our mission is to amaze people by adventures that are being shared. Connecting travellers with local stories which gives so much more depth  

Being truly amazed, grabbed by the story told. You probably know the feeling when someone takes you with them on their journey. Extraordinary tales about travels they have made, that makes you feel that you’re either there or need to go.

  • When you are on holiday or worse, when you're back, it is key to find out what the best spots are right? If you're a beach person, the beach matters, if your interest lies somewhere, you want the best information possible. What do you normally do? you'd probably ask a local for information. 
  • When you're travelling you always want to find out what the best spots are for you.
  • Who knows better than someone who truly was there and experienced the atmosphere?  So the best advice can only come from locals. 

What problem are we solving?

  • Unseen sights
  • Depth about your location
  • Finding the meaning behind what makes it special
  • Truly soaking up the culture
  • Seeing&hearing missed unique spots

Becoming friends

We believe humans are very capable in making their own decisions and choices. Therefore you won't hear us screaming for your engagement. Just do what feels right - only you know if you are nifty enough to contribute, or if you want to read later on. This community is for people who are able to see the true beauty of the earth.

This platform is for the people who really saw the world before them. They were speechless and now found the words to try and describe what they have experienced and felt. Mr. Guide is there for the locals to distinguish themselves. Technology should be an extension of your life: it is your tool, you're not it's slave.



Mr.Guide gives you those stories.

We are a community that allows experiences to be shared, sights to be seen and adventures to be told.